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Every week 20+ books are carefully selected and hidden around LA. Participants click or tap the coordinates provided, which opens Google Maps, to find the locations.

We begin posting images under the This Week section at 10AM on Saturdays, and post throughout the morning, so please refresh/reload the page to view the new updates. Each image contains a link to the location coordinates; click on the photo and follow the link to view the book's location and if the book has been found. Most participants click the found button, but some do not; a "No" could mean that the book is still available. By 11AM on Saturday you can also use the full list at Morphkey, linked below.

Our goal is to create a community in Los Angeles for people who love books, music, and film and to be able to communicate with one another. You can connect with other scavenger hunt participants  who enjoy the same books via our platform, Morphkey; just click the "Connect With Others" button underneath "Others Interested In This Book" for each book in this week's Scavenger Hunt.

New Scavenger Hunts Here: 


Secret Bookstore Los Angeles:

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